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 Herrenhausen Dress
Herrenhausen Dress
A precise maze of white seed beads and threadwork is stitched to a gauzy, flushed-taupe shift atop a detachable slip. From Image of Me. Pull-on styling. Rayon; polyester lining. Dry clean. Imported. Falls 20.5” from natural waist
3 / 5
3 / 5
Overall rating 
Date:January 27, 2012
Body Type:Smaller on top
Love of the design wins me; $$ for construction not great.
I picked this for a mix-n-match neutrals wedding because the design of this dress is BEAUTIFUL. I love the modern/flapper vibe and the fit is very flattering without being costumey. While this dress is MUCH more nude than pink and I was initially disappointed by the rayon/polyester makeup, overall, I'm happy with it and am looking forward to wearing it over and over again. However, I'm not sure this sentiment would be true of anyone.
Color & fabric: VERY nude; much more tan than the picture. The top has a chiffon-like feel and the slip (also nude) seems to be going for a passable imitation of buttery silk. (Why we couldn't have real silk for $280, I'll never know.) The coloring was flattering with my fair skin/medium brown hair, but might be a problem for more pink or olive skin tones.
Design: I was initially disappointed to read "rayon/polyester" on the make, but after I had already paid my money I was presently surprised by the quality of the construction. The dress feels sturdy and seems to be made well. The detachable slip is a nice touch. The whole kit and caboodle is, however, so thin that the top of the cups of my strapless bra show through the material - guess it's time to see if a new bra will fix this.
One thing to note: while the beadwork is beautiful and gives the dress the weight it needs to look good on, if you zoom in, you will notice that thin white threadwork "fills in" the spaces outlined by the beads. This threadwork snags INCREDIBLY easily; I ordered 2 different test sizes and both had snags already when I opened the package. I will be sending even the size that fits me back for a new one - for the price, in my mind, this is hugely problematic, and I worry about durability. I may wind up trimming these threads off all together.
Fit: Figure-flattering without being tight. I worried that this dress would only work on straight figures, like many unstructured flapper-style dresses, but it looks good on me despite my small chest, square waist, and bubble bum. For reference, I'm 5'8", 32-29-37, usually a comfortable XS-S on top (32B) and a perfect 6 on the bottom. However, according to the size chart, this meant I needed an 0 on top, an 8 in the waist, and a 4 in the hips. Out of past experience with BHLDN (and my small chest), I ordered a 4 in the hips and a 2 because of my small chest. The 2 fit perfectly with space in both hips and waist - in fact, so much, that I never tried the 4 and briefly contemplated sizing down to an 0. In the end, however, I decided against it because the fabric skimmed the curves well (tight/clingy NOWHERE) and I thought a more fitted look would not work for the aesthetic of the dress. Also, the dress hit perhaps 2 inches above my knees and was nowhere near revealing on top or in the back.
Thus, I would recommend ordering a size that fits your hips and then either one down if you're not busty or one up if you are. There is some extra space in the hips beyond what is listed on the chart but in my opinion you need it to keep the dress from looking clingy. With a prepaid return label, you have nothing to lose.
In the end, while I feel that $280 is a bit steep for rayon and the beadwork could be more durable, I am happy with the dress because I'm in LOVE with the design and the cut was more flattering than I had expected. Further, I could see myself wearing it with a jacket and heels or a long chunky sweater and boots after the wedding. I tend to dress in neutrals, I have to confess, but I could very easily see this as a 4-season dress. Thus, although I wasn't too happy with the price for the makeup, its structural durability and rewear factor probably make the dollars-per-wear I'll get out of it higher than many bridesmaid dresses I've worn.
In short: beautiful design, wish the fabric was better, surprisingly flattering. I would certainly give this one a try if you are as attracted to the design as I was; otherwise, it might not be worth the money.
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 Starburst Pleated Shift
Starburst Pleated Shift
We love the simplicity and wear-again practicality of shifts; this silk-linen one has those qualities, but is finished with unexpected pleating at the side that pulls the eye to the sash-nipped waist and lends just a bit of movement to the straight skirt below. Back zip. Silk, linen; acetate lining. Dry clean. Imported. A Quillaree original, made exclusively for BHLDN Falls 21" from natural waist Also available in black, wheat and abstract floral print
4 / 5
4 / 5
Overall rating 
Date:June 23, 2011
Body Type:Smaller on top
Odd fit but cute dress. Love it if you find the right size!
To add my 2 cents:
I'm 5'7 1/2, 32-30-37, usually a 2-4 in tops and a solid 6 in skirts/pants. According to the size chart, my hips would have been fine in a 4 but the size listed for the waist was 3 inches too small, so I ordered both a 4 & a 6 as some reviews said to size up anyway.
I agree with most reviewers that the lining of the dress is much tighter than the dress and that this might make it difficult on some body types. It fits like a sheath, especially through the hips. There is definitely no forgiveness beyond the hip measurement on the chart. My 37" hips fit perfectly into a 4 (listed at 37") and there was absolutely no room left over in that area.
However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my 30" waist fit well in the 4, which is listed at 27", with some space left over - probably 2 inches. I pulled it tight with the belt and it looks fine. There is even more space left over in the top, of course (I'm 32 and it's listed as 35 in the bust). Thanks to the drapey fabric, the chest area is not a problem, but the shoulders are another story. I have relatively broad shoulders (much wider than my hips despite my small chest) , and I may need to get the back altered because if I lean back at all there is a giant gap at the top of the zipper.
Other things: As far as length goes, I'm almost 5'8 and the dress is 2.5 inches above my knee. I would be comfortable wearing this dress both in a wedding and to fancy work engagements; I don't find it too short at all. The dress is lighter than the picture, as noted by others, but is still definitely what I would call a royal purple or darker. I was afraid it would be pretty light after reading many of the reviews, but it seems pretty much the exact color of the purple Crayola crayon. :) The fabric is good quality although wrinkles like crazy (as you might expect from the makeup), and the dress seems sturdy enough although the tight lining and loose dress is a bit of a weird combination.
So in short: I would buy two of these dresses - an exact measurement for your hips and then one other size up/down depending on whether your hips are your widest part. Since there's a prepaid return label, you have nothing to lose. :)
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